One of the most secret military units in China

Today we will tell you about People’s Liberation Army Strategic Support Force,

as well as who runs it.

To start with, the competence of this service includes:

– conducting reconnaissance operations in space

– cyber attacks and protection against them

– Aerospace research

– Satellite management

– development of means of psychological influence on the enemy

– development of equipment and methods of using electromagnetic waves.

One of the secret bases of this unit is located in Fujian Province, near the city Xiamen, which in turn is located 80 miles from the island of Taiwan. This military base was built in strict secrecy in 2019.

Now about the leaders of this organization. These are people dedicated to their work and to Xi Jinping. One of them is General Ju Qiansheng, born in 1962. Throughout his career, he was associated with technical intelligence and the invention of electronic devices that are used for military purposes. For example, he was one of the developers of the ballistic missile engine in the 90s. Ju Qiansheng has never been directly involved in military operation, but he has skills such as disabling the navigation systems of aircraft and submarines.

Another leader of this organization is General Li Wei, born in 1960. For almost 7 years, he was one of the leaders of Xinjiang Province. Li Wei is one of the founders of the so-called “re-education” camps in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. These camps were created for the forced detention of Chinese citizens, namely Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities who confess Islam. More than one million people are being held in these camps.

We believe that by releasing the data of the leaders of China’s secret military organizations, the Chinese government will abandon its plans to occupy the island of Taiwan.

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