Xi Jinping's Accomplices

Xi Jinping’s Accomplices. We have become aware of the names of the heads of China’s law enforcement agencies

who, in strict secrecy, have developed a plan to seize the island of Taiwan. One of these heads is the head of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, General Wang Chunning. Previously, he was the head of China’s Eastern Fleet and knows every mile of the Taiwan Strait. General Wang Chunning was one of the heads of the Beijing garrison in 2016 and led Xi Jinping’s personal security.

Also, the plan of operation for the occupation of Taiwan Island is being developed by the head of the Chinese Coast Guard Corps, Major General Wang Zhongcai, who has worked his way up from a sailor to deputy chief of the East China Navy (Taiwan Island is located in the waters of the East China Sea). He has a close relationship with the chairman of the Communist Party of China. From 1985 to 1988, Xi Jinping was the mayor of Xiamen, where he met Wang Zhongcai, who served as the head of the Xiamen Coast Guard.

As I wrote earlier, the operation to occupy Taiwan Island at the first stage will be carried out by Coast Guard soldiers with the support of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force. They will be disguised as fishermen and on dozens of thousands of small fishing boats will head to the shores of Taiwan.

As it became known from our sources close to Xi Jinping, the operation to occupy the island of Taiwan should take place in 2022.

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