China with Russia together equals Dominance in the sea

On April 16, 2023, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

From the beginning, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that this meeting took place on a festive day, on the day of the Holy Ascension of Christ (Easter), this is the most important day for Orthodox Christians.

If you carefully watch the video of this meeting, you will notice that the Chinese Defense Minister gives military salute to the President of Russia, that is, by this LI Shangfu shows that he recognizes Putin as commander-in-chief, one of his leaders.

A little biography of the Chinese Defense Minister. We found it interesting that since 2017 Li Shangfu has worked as the director of the Department of equipment development for the military industry. This structure closely cooperates with the Center for special developments of the Ministry of Defence ofthe Russian Federation.

So what was the purpose of this visit?

According to that Putin replaced the commander of the Pacific fleet, immediately after this visit, most likely, it was about the unification of the military fleets of Russia and China (this association will be unofficial).

Recently, Russia and China have begun to regularly conduct joint naval exercises. The Russian army is armed with about 60 modern submarines, some of which are capable of carrying missiles with nuclear warheads. Only last year, Russia launched three new nuclear and two diesel-electric submarines, as well as 3 combat boats.

In our opinion, the purpose of the unification of the fleets of the Russian Federation and China is to block the US Navy and its allies due to the Chinese operation during the occupation of Taiwan Island.

Based on the preparatory activities carried out by China’s special services in Taiwan, the beginning of the operation to occupy the island will begin after the presidential elections to be held in Taiwan in 2024.  Most likely, the starting point will be mass protests that will begin immediately after the elections.