This is a very big problem not only for the secret services,

but, in general, for the security of the entire island of Taiwan. Preparing for the occupation of the island by military means or by organizing mass riots and protests, the Chinese leadership allocates millions of dollars to bribe officials and officers of various departments and services. China’s special secret services have developed an extensive network of agents among their adherents who support the idea of China’s occupation of the island.               

       We would like to draw attention to this problem, first of all, the leadership of the US presidential administration, as we believe that this is a plague not only for the security of Taiwan, but also for the entire region. We are convinced that the United States is obliged to help Taiwan in this, namely, to send specialists from the FBI, as well as army counterintelligence, who could provide practical assistance in solving this problem.

       Now more about the secret service of China, which directly conducts intelligence activities on the territory of Taiwan. This is the Ministry of state Security (China) abbreviation MSS. This service is headed by Chen Wenging. MSS functions: cyber espionage, economic espionage, intelligence, counterintelligence. Of course, this is not a complete list of its functions. MSS is divided into bureaus, each of which has a specific task. For example, Bureau number 4 is responsible for intelligence work, as well as recruiting officers on the island of Taiwan.

       After the Second World War, intelligence officers from the USSR in the 50s taught Chinese colleagues the rules for recruiting enemy officers. Thanks to the knowledge gained in the 60s, a special faculty was created at the University of International Relations of China (UIR), where intelligence agents are trained for MSS to this day. After Russia launched an operation to occupy part of Ukraine, and the countries of the Western bloc led by the United States imposed an unprecedented number of sanctions against it, Xi Jinping, in our opinion, became an adherent of the plan to occupy Taiwan island through the organization of mass protests and riots on the island. Most likely, mass riots according to Xi Jinping’s plan will begin after the announcement of the results of the upcoming elections in Taiwan, followed by the introduction of Chinese armed forces on the island to protect China’s “Supposedly national interests”, as well as to support stability in the region.