First of all, I would like to explain to you that we do not own insider information,

but simply analyze the information available in open sources and express our opinion based on it.

       In the previous article, we already started telling you that the leadership of the Communist Party of China has developed a so-called plan for the occupation of the island of Taiwan. This is the organization of mass riots and rallies on the island. According to the Taiwan Police Department, since the beginning of this year, the flow of Chinese citizens who illegally arrived in Taiwan has increased by 318% and is about 27 thousand people as of April 15. Of course, not all of them are so-called “Revolutionaries” and instigators of mass riots. But in some cases, when illegal immigrants from China are caught, it becomes obvious that they have undergone special training in China. Also, in 95% of cases, illegal immigrants from China are residents of the northern provinces, who in most cases, unlike the southern and coastal areas, are brought up in a poor communist conditions. The Chinese Communist Party planned to carry out the occupation of Taiwan by military means, but in view of the recent events taking place in Ukraine, China, according to our experts, abandoned the military operation and began to prepare a plan for mass riots related to the so-called falsifications in local election to be held on the island of Taiwan in November 2022 or in the presidential election.

       If the US and the EU impose sanctions on China, it will not be able to go the way like Russia, namely, redirect its products to Asian countries or India. Also, China will not be able to sell its products by indicating another country of origin on it, as Russia does by selling tankers with oil, initially mixing it with oil from Saudi Arabia, after which, according to the documents, it doesn’t become Russian.

       Now, as for the sanctions imposed by democratic sanctions against Russia. Almost all of them did not touch the main sector of the Russian economy, this is the sphere of hydrocarbons. Russia supplies about 230 million m3 of gas per day to the EU alone, of which 56 million m3 are supplied through the territory of Ukraine. Do you have a question, how is this possible when there is a war between Ukraine and Russia? Maybe they are keeping back the truth from us? The EU alone pays Putin about 1 billion euros a day for gas supplied from Russia.