We certainly support the activities of the United Nations around the world.

        But there are a number of facts that make us think about the sincerity of relations between China and the UN.

        One of the tasks of the Chinese Communist Party is to promote Xi Jinping’s positive reputation in the world, as well as the perception of China as a great power by the world community. In order to achieve its goals, the Chinese leadership resorts not only to lending to countries that are in a difficult financial situation, but also uses corruption schemes. One of these corruption schemes became known to the public, thanks to a special operation conducted by the US police. We are talking about John William Ashe, a former permanent representative to the UN, who was arrested on suspicion of corruption.  John William Ashe was engaged in lobbying for the interests of Chinese business. He is suspected of receiving a $1 million bribe from Chinese businessmen to lobby China’s interests at the UN.

        China is the second payer to the UN budget and to the UN peacekeeping budget. In 2019, China contributed $368 million. China also provides the most of its peacekeepers for UN-sponsored missions. China is involving its police and armed forces in UN peacekeeping operations. Thanks to this, the Chinese military gain tremendous experience in conflict management, as well as experience in conducting combat operations. But, in our opinion, the main problem lies in the fact that China selectively chooses countries for the deployment of its peacekeeping contingent. For example, China has sent its troops to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Cambodia, Lebanon, Sudan in order to gain control over the valuable natural resources that these countries possess. In all these countries, China has huge investments in mines or wells.
        Thus, by supposedly helping to maintain peace, China is only ensuring the security of its investments.

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