Is a military alliance between China and Russia possible?

From non-official sources, we learned that Joe Biden wants to meet with the president of Russia

in order to reach agreements with Vladimir Putin regarding China, namely, the US president wants Russia not to supply oil and gas to China in the event of sanctions and an energy embargo against P. R. China.

If China launches a military operation to occupy Taiwan, the US and the EU will immediately impose sanctions on China, which will primarily concern the ban on the supply of oil and gas to China. Nowadays China has underground oil and gas storage facilities, which will last it for 180 days in cases of complete absence of hydrocarbon imports. But there is a high probability that China’s military operation in Taiwan may last much longer than 6 months. Therefore, it will be vital for China to import hydrocarbons from Russia.

Recently, the trade turnover between Russia and China has grown significantly and amounted to about $ 170 billion, and these countries are also similar in their ideology. The US and the EU constantly criticize Russia and China for violating human rights, repressing their own population, for the lack of speech freedom, etc. So why don’t the associated and similar China and Russia form a military alliance to stand together against the United States and its allies? The reason for this is the possible new sanctions against Russia not only from the United States and the EU, but also from the entire civilized world. The world will begin to perceive the military alliance between Russia and China as an alliance of evil, an Empire of darkness, and in the current difficult economic situation in Russia, this is like death. But in cases of the beginning of a military operation in Taiwan, Russia will make announcement “This is an internal matter of China and that the island of Taiwan is a native historical territory of China.” We consider that there is no public agreement between China and Russia that in the event of a successful operation to occupy Taiwan, Russia will recognize Taiwan as Chinese territory and in turn, China will recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

If President Joe Biden of US manages to reach an agreement with Vladimir Putin on oil and gas supplies to China, it is very likely that the US and its allies will be able to remove the regime of Xi Jinping in the shortest possible time.


“Taiwanese people”                           Author_20.04.2021


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