China's strategy for the occupation of Taiwan

First of all, I would like to explain to our like-minded people and everyone who supports us that Taiwan is an alternative to the development of life in China,

not only in economic terms but also in social terms. For example, the average citizen of Taiwan lives twice as well as the average citizen of China. Taiwan has a very high level of GDP per capita. This was due to the fact that the country has some certain preferences in trade, primarily with the United States. That is, Taiwan acts as a kind of dream for the  Chinese citizens that  you can even look into, having made a journey of only 130 kilometers. This factor is one of the irritants for China’s ruling elite, led by Xi Jinping.

In 1992, an agreement was signed between China and Taiwan on the peaceful annexation of Taiwan to China. However, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan, with the support of the population (according to our survey, this is more than 69% of the island’s citizen), wants to declare Taiwan’s independence with the adoption of relevant laws and amendments to the constitution of Taiwan. But the Chinese Communist Party has said that even if 100% of Taiwan’s citizens support independence, the island should still being annexed to China, as it is a native historical territory of this state. It is also strategically important for China to gain control of the Taiwan Strait, because with such control, it will manage the import and export policies of South Korea and Japan, because these countries import and export through the Taiwan Strait.

One of the main facts of the occupation of Taiwan by China is the economic crisis in China caused by COVID-19. The Communist Party of China said that the economy grew by more than 2 percent, but in fact, if you analyze in detail the economic indicators of the People’s Republic of China, you can see that the Chinese economy is declining every quarter. At the same time, the Chinese government invested 3 times more money into the country’s economy than the United States during the same period (the period of the COVID-19 crisis). A possible fall in the stock markets will also have a big negative impact. This is due to the fact that almost the whole middle class of China keeps their savings in stocks. And as we know that a significant drop in living standards provokes social unrest and, in this regard, Xi wants to give a patriotic pill to the Chinese population in the form of the occupation of Taiwan. The government of the Chinese Communist Party understands that if they do not do this, it is highly probable that a revolution will occur in China, as a result of which the top of the Communist Party will be overthrown.

Now about the possible sanctions of the United States and Western countries that will be imposed in the event of the beginning of China’s military operation to occupy Taiwan. The government of the Chinese Communist Party is not afraid of these sanctions, because they knows that almost every person on the planet is dependent on Chinese goods. The only thing that Xi fears is an oil and gas embargo, but China is preparing for the development of such events, namely, China has increased in the volume of underground oil and gas storage by 70 percent over the past 3 years. To this end, the Chinese government is establishing friendly relations and signing multibillion-dollar contracts with Russia and Iran for the supply of hydrocarbons, so as not to lose their sources of supply in the event of a blockade.


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