China's occupation of each of us

They occupied Hong Kong yesterday, Taiwan-today, and us-tomorrow…

This is the slogan of our noncommercial organization Freecountry. The task of our organization is to stop China’s aggressive policy towards Taiwan, as well as to prevent Xi Jinping from establishing the world domination of the Chinese Communist Party in the world.

If you are currently watching our videos or reading our articles-stop for a minute, pause, look around and you will see that from 50 to 70 % of household items, clothing, furniture, consumer electronics, etc. are made in China. In fact, each of us buying products made in China, becomes an accomplice of the communist regime of the People’s Republic of China. Every inhabitant of the earth, anyway, already depends on the production capacity of China. We all gave our preference to cheaper Chinese household appliances, which over the past 25 years has displaced domestic manufacturers from the market. And this relates not only to household appliances, but almost all manufacturing industries. We followed the easy path that leads us into a trap, namely, when in the 80s, US and EU citizens, who are the main consumers, began to prefer Chinese brands, and their own manufacturers, in order to survive, had to move their production to China or close down. And do you know that in China it is almost impossible to open a production enterprise that will be 100% owned by you, or, for example, that in China there is a fairly large list of activities that are prohibited to foreign investors.

In recent years, the Chinese government has begun to implement its plans for the establishment of a global economic state. What is only worth the deterioration of Australia’s relations with China.

After the Australian government called on WHO to investigate the emergence of COVID-19, find those amenable to its spread around the world, and also expressed concern about the problem of Hong Kong and Taiwan, China urgently banned the supply of coal, beef and barley from Australia, as well as increased customs duties on Australian wine to 212%.  As a result, the trade turnover between these countries has significantly decreased. But along with this, there are a number of other countries that have chosen a strategy of “silence” in relations with China, i.e. the governments of countries such as Italy, Montenegro, and Greece received billions of dollars of loans from China secured by seaports, which forced their governments to be more loyal to the Chinese Communist Party.

We urge everyone to pay attention to the occupation policy pursued by the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, so that tomorrow they will not enslave us.


“Taiwanese people”                                                  Author_13.05.2021


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