China is following the path of the USSR

          To begin with, a historical reference. USSR-The Union of Soviet

Socialist Republics was founded in 1922 and existed until 1991. The population of this country was about 290 million people, and the area was about 22 million square kilometers (for comparison, the area of the USA is 9 million square kilometers, the area of Canada is about 10 million square kilometers). The USSR included such states as: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc., there were 15 union republics in total. The actual power in the USSR belonged to the Communist Party, and its ideology was based on the construction of a socialist society. (Socialism is the elimination of private property and the establishment of public, i.e. collective, as well as the establishment of state control over production, namely over the entire industry). The development system of China and the USSR is similar not only to the ideology of development and the same governing party, but also, if you look at the history of the development of these states over the past 60 years, we will see that it is almost identical: the USSR won the Second World War, that China defeated Japan, after which the scientific and technological revolution started, then the spacewalk and the creation of nuclear weapons. And as a result, the transition to a consumer society.

         Another very important factor in China’s development is the establishment by the Communist Party of a rigid system of control over its citizens through social ratings (a similar system was in the USSR). The system of social ratings gives a high level of security to the state, which will eventually lead to a low level of economic and cultural development, and this, in turn, leads to social riots and revolutions. All this points to the mirror similarity of China and the USSR. It is very likely that China will repeat the fate of the collapsed empire.