China is bringing the world to danger

          I don’t want to scare you, but we are on the verge of a huge global crisis.  This crisis will probably start  in 2022 and last at least 4-5 years, and the economy of developed countries will fall to 40%. This economic crisis will lead to a redistribution of the sphere of influence in the world between the United States, Russia, China and the EU. We believe that it is definitely China will initiate the global economic crisis by launching an operation to occupy Taiwan, because after the starting of this operation, democratic countries will have to impose economic sanctions on China, which will lead to a partial rupture of trade turnover between China and Western countries. This, in its turn, will lead to a fall in global stock markets and the global economy as a whole. To mitigate these consequences, Xi Jinping will dress up regular military men in civilian clothes so that they will launch an operation on fishing vessels to seize the island of Taiwan. Of course, the armed forces of Taiwan will be forced to use weapons, which in turn will enable Xi Jinping to use the full power of the Chinese army against Taiwan, referring to the fact that civilians of his country were killed off the coast of Taiwan.  In order to preserve his power and life, Xi Jinping will be forced to launch an operation to seize Taiwan because China’s economy is on the verge of an energy and real estate crisis. If the real estate market falls, which accounts for about 30% of China’s entire economy, 42 million workers in major cities will begin protests, which will inevitably lead to the fall of Xi Jinping’s regime.

          Let’s summarize. According to the leader of the Communist Party of China, Taiwan is doomed to be occupied.


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