Bipolar world

Today we can see China with the dictatorial regime of Xi Jinping,

who keeps friendly relations with the same dictator, namely, with Vladimir Putin. Together, these countries will be able to resist all western, democratic countries, because China and Russia have more than 50% of all minerals on our planet. According to only official data, Russia has about 6 thousand nuclear warheads, China has 300 of them, and this is not taking into account the chemical and bacteriological weapons that these countries possess.

Next year, Iran, which has complicated relations with the United States and the EU, will openly join them. By the way, China is the main consumer of Iranian oil. We should not forget that in these three countries the population is about 1.6 billion people. Anti-Western propaganda has been carried out in these countries for more than a dozen years.

In case of Xi Jinping’s attack on the island of Taiwan, the world will most likely become bipolar, as it was already during the Cold War between the United States and the USSR. Against this background, a colossal economic recession will begin, which may amount to about 40% of the entire world economy.

Joe Biden needs at least for a while to achieve Russia’s neutrality regarding a possible military conflict between China and Taiwan. If this fails, then when the United States and its allies are busy with China’s problems, Russia will most likely militarily occupy the entire territory of Ukraine.

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