A semiconductor manufacturing factory in Arizona will open earlier than planned

According to our sources, the semiconductor factory in Arizona was supposed to open in early 2024,

but due to the current situation around Taiwan, TSMC, which is the main investor in this project, decided to postpone the opening date of the factory to March 2023, that is, the factory will open earlier than planned for as much as 9 months. This became possible after visit of a government delegation from the United States visit to Taiwan, where unspoken agreements were concluded on a training program in Taiwan for 500 employees for a factory in Arizona. In March 2023, only about 2,000 thousand employees will start working at this factory, and in 2024 their number should already reach 8 thousand people.

      Finally, we would like to draw the attention of our investors who hold their assets in China. Look at what is happening in Russia now, after democratic countries have imposed sanctions against it. Almost all assets of companies from the US and EU that decided to withdraw from the Russian market after the outbreak of the war against Ukraine were nationalized, simply taken away.