We express our support to the administration of US President Joseph Biden,

which on November 14, 2021 opposed Intel’s initiative to increase the production of processors in China. Intel Corporation has announced that it is going to start manufacturing semiconductors in 2022 in Chengdu, China.

Also recently, Tesla announced that it is going to invest $ 188 million in upgrading its equipment located in China.

We invoke the White House to pay attention to statements of this nature that contradict democratic principles, as well as contribute to the financial support of the Communist Party of China led by Xi Jinping.

Our team has developed a program to withdraw the production capacities of Western countries from China. This program is intended to last two years. Its essence lies in the financing by partially or completely democratic states of the export of equipment, special equipment, engineers from the territory of China. That is, we offer state financing only for the equipment on which the products are manufactured is not intended for the domestic market of China. Also, the possible placement of exported enterprises in developing countries with the involvement of the finances of these countries, namely, financing the process of transferring production facilities from China to the territory of a developing state. We address to all investors, corporations, as well as investment funds that invest in stocks of Chinese companies. We ask you to sell stocks of Chinese companies as far as possible. We are aware that this may lead to a fall in financial markets, but we essentially enfeeble the leadership of the Communist Party of China. We must help Joseph Biden to resist Xi Jinping’s intention to occupy Taiwan.  I hope that we will act together because after the occupation of Taiwan, they will occupy us, if not geographically so financially.

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